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Friday, July 20, 2018
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AnswerCo Cross Reference Answers 

MFG / Part No Search - Enter your product information to search by part number.  The system will look for matches using built-in wildcards, so enter less information is sometime better than too much information.

MFG / Model Search - Enter in a Manufacturer and Model number for the device you are looking for. Once the Model is found, select it, and a list of all supplies that fit that model can be displayed.

MFG / Keyword - Use this search when you want to search by product type, part number, or description.

UPC Search - If you have the product UPC, entering the number here without dashes will list all products with like numbers.  Partial UPC's are recommended since products will vary in production by different manufacturers.

Product Type - The category of any particular business machine can have multiple categories; from toner, paper, memory, drum, maintenance kit or fuser units. These categories all fall in to product types suitable for each machine.

Manufacturer (MFG) - The original equipment manufacturer. These supplies are manufactuered by directly by the manufacturer or has contracted with another Manufactuer to their specifications.

Model- All computer devices have a known model that pertains to the production mechanisms and features used to manufacturer the device.  While many models last for years without new engineering, several product models are introduced each year superseding the prior model.

Yield - The output from several devices can be measured in the number of pages prinited, memory capabilities, or even the life of a product can be known as the yield.

"Live" - once on the results page, the icon representing links to wholesaler information will display the "Live" symbol. These wholesaler will dropship directly to your customers on your behalf.

Material Safety Data Sheers (MSDS) - The product MSDS produced by the manufacturer is available with the MSDS icon is display next to the part number.

Part Number (Part No.) - This SKU (Stocking Keeping Unit) is used to separate one product from another within a given set of products.  Some manufacturers assign different part numbers to each component, while others will reuse part numbers on various models.

Universal Product Code (UPC) - This unique number identifies the part number in US fashion to other manufacturers.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) - This represents the manufactures suggested retail price upon introduction into the market.  If you are not seeing the MSRP on your search results, call us at 214-500-5740 to have your account upgraded.

Market Price - AnswerCo captures current market data daily to display an average market price on the streets.  Click the market price to find a set of retailers and derive your best selling price based on the market conditions.  If you are not seeing the Market Price on your search results, call us at 214-500-5740 to have your account upgraded.

OEM Results - Our table representing the matched products based on the particular information you search on.

Alternate Results - Our table of alternate products that are compatible with the product your are viewing, and sometimes can be found a lower price.

Each resulting set from our catalog can be matched to meet your needs.  To have your account customized to meet your unique needs, call us at 214-500-5740 and let's enhance your sales to the next level.

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